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The information below includes helpful information about our range of Suzuki vehicles, information on buying a car, driving your car and maintaining your car so its stays new for longer. Keep an eye out for great holiday road trip information  as well.



guide on questions to ask your dealer when buying a car

Get our guide to extending the lifespan of your car

Buying a new car is exciting, whether you’re a first-time buyer or trading in for an upgrade. It’s important to budget properly so your car isn’t a huge strain on your monthly budget. We’ve put together  this guide  to help you do all of the necessary groundwork before the fun part begins: choosing your dream car.

With this guide you can find out what questions you should be asking your dealer when buying your car. The guide explains the process you will follow and helps you to understand and anticipate every stage of the buying journey and how your dealer fits into the process.

This guide covers various different methods of  extending your car’s lifespan. It  explains service plans and intervals as well as warranties. We explain ways to drive  in a way that helps take better care of your car and then gives a breakdown of car maintenance costs and replacement intervals.

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guide to buying your child's first car

Download The Ultimate Guide to Car Safety

Get all 101 car tips, tricks and hacks

Get some advice from Megan MacDonald, a Suzuki expert and mom who just had to go through the process of buying her child's first car.

Some key considerations for this purchase include the big choice between new or a second hand vehicle as well as which models to choose. The guide also includes a handy printable comparative list where you can add in information on any car.

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This guide will help you troubleshoot some common car problems, so that you know whether or not you need to contact a mechanic.

Inside this guide you’ll find tips on safety in an emergency, tips on common on the road maintenance issues and what to pack in your car's emergency kit.


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This 101 Car Facts eBook offers everything you need to know about cars, conveniently condensed into an easy-to-consume, infographic-style list (especially for those of you who are too busy to read through every single post on our blog).

This collection of facts, tips and tricks contains information on buying a car, financing your car, driving and  safety, maintenance of your car and some DIY car hacks.
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Calculate your expected monthly premium 

This installment calculator can be used to calculate your potential installment value. You will need to contact the finance & insurance team at your dealer for exact figures.

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ULTIMATE guide to planning a holiday road trip ebook

In this guide to   organising and enjoying the very best holiday road trip you'll find checklists for planning your holiday and the drive, driving tips and some possible routes.Download the guide

Get the collection of road trip activities

Download our collection of family car games to help keep the family entertained on the road with some car themed games like car bingo   and  more.

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Drivers and vehicle Licence Reminders

This handy service offers you a free reminder to renew your driver's licence or your annual vehicle licence. We want to prevent you from getting caught unaware at a road block by reminding you to renew your licence.

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Get this easy to use Travel Logbook

Keeping track of your business travel can be a real pain but we have made this very easy for you by providing a simpla travel logbook in a printable and Excel format to make it so easy to log all  your business travel so you can get that SARS claim right.

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