Vitara Turbo Drives the fun

The Vitara has levelled up and so should you!

Create more adventure by driving the fun with our turbo-charged Vitara!

Our Vitara has been given an extra boost to take you on more fun-filled adventures with our innovative BOOSTERJET engine. The new BOOSTERJET engine uses direct fuel injection to further improve on the fuel efficiency of this awesome turbo system. Using six-nozzles and a high-pressure fuel pump to create the perfect air/fuel mixture inside the cylinder, the Vitara Turbo can take on more and drive you further than ever before.

Simply share one of your most thrilling Suzuki adventures with us and you could win an awesome prize to the value of R2000! Whether you were in the driver’s seat or enjoying the ride as a passenger, we want to know from you how exciting your Suzuki has made your life.

Vitara Turbo

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