Suzuki’s Exceptional After-sale Services

Part of being a Suzuki driver is that we give you an added value benefit to extend the lifespan of your tyres. Being mindful of the wear and tear on your tyres and taking care of them will keep you safer and help you avoid a potentially costly and dangerous tyre blowout.

Your dealer is your first point of contact for maintenance advice concerning your vehicle and at Suzuki, we recommend that you rotate your tyres every 10 000 Kms. This can be done at any participating Suzuki dealership.

To show Suzuki Cares, we are offering a FREE tyre rotation every 10 000 Kms for all Suzuki customers, no matter how old your Suzuki is.This can be done at any participating Suzuki dealership by booking online; complete the form on this page and your nearest dealership will call you.

Give your Suzuki a little love and extend the lifespan of your tyres for free.

*Click here to see the list of participating dealers


Get a free tyre rotation with your dealer!

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