Suzuki’s Exceptional Original Parts and Services

This is the service offer you can’t refuse:

Book an express service with us, and get your first service with Suzuki from as little as R599.00. This includes a full health check and assessment of your vehicle and an oil change. The best news? It only takes 30mins!

Give your Suzuki a little love with our special offer, and #KeepItReal!

*Click here to see the list of participating dealers

To qualify for this amazing Suzuki offer all you need is a Suzuki vehicle that is outside its service plan. 

We know that you love your Suzuki and want to keep it in the best condition you can for as long as possible. That’s why we’re committed to making servicing with Suzuki Original Parts a little easier, especially when you’re out of your service plan.

Real feels better, sounds better, and keeps you safer than the generic alternative because our Original Parts are made specifically for Suzuki.

Our new offer will make it more affordable, quicker, and easier to keep your car in tip-top Suzuki Original condition.

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Keep It Real by servicing with genuine Suzuki parts!

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