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Download the "how to extend the lifespan of your car" ebook.

The ebook covers various different methods of extending your car’s lifespan including:

  • Service plan and service intervals
  • Warranty and warranty extensions
  • Driver behaviour
  • How to tell if your car is fit for purpose
  • Getting a better rate from insurance
  • The potential costs of car part replacement  and replacement intervals
  • Retaining the resale value of your car
  • On the road costs

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Download the ultmate guide to planning a holiday road trip ebook.

Inside you'll get:

  • Planning your Itinerary
  • 9 easydriving tips that could save your life
  • Safety   and  cost saving  tips for the drive

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 Get your copy of our guide to buying your child their first car.

Get some advice from Megan, a Suzuki expert and mom who just had to go through the process of buying her child's first car.

Some key considerations:

  • Choosing between a new or used car
  • Car models to consider
  • Printable comparative list

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Get your collection of activities to keep the whole family entertained on a road trip.

Inside you'll get:

  • Easy car games
  • Car bingo 
  • Colouring-in printables 

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Download this  handy guide  on questions to ask your dealer  when buying a car.

With this booklet you can:

  • Get the best deal on your car
  • Get insider tips & tricks 
  • Build a good relationship with the car's service department 


Instalment calculator

Use our handy instalment calculator to work out your possible monthly premium.

Dealership financing is a common and handy way to pay for your brand new vehicle. 

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